Out of the Rut

Out of the Rut

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Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a rut at some point in your life? It could take on different forms – like being bored of your routine, a job, or having this deep desire to escape to a place and make some big changes in your life. While being trapped in a proverbial hole can be a great learning experience, it could also put a halt to a lot of things in your life including pursuing the things you want to accomplish. And as some wise men have said or suggested many times, you become what you think about most of the time and dwelling on unhelpful thoughts can trap you in a cycle of thinking without doing. Here are some signs that it may be time to get out of the rut.

Weighed down by the sameness. You begin to feel like you are caught in a seemingly endless cycle of sameness. Life has become dull, repetitive, and unexciting. Your attempts to change things end up with the same results. You begin to feel like a hamster spending its day running in its wheel without getting anywhere.

More bad than good. Nothing seems to be going right regardless of how much you try. Things that should be easy become extremely difficult to accomplish. You feel disconnected, unengaged, and generally out of sync with what is happening around you.

Things feel harder and more difficult to deal with. Another sign that it is time to get unstuck is when life begins to feel more of a struggle. You can only find fulfillment in your days if you keep growing, moving forward, and embracing changes as they come.

Learn From The Scriptures: The Blessing Of A Giver

Learn From The Scriptures: The Blessing Of A Giver

The Story Of Loaves And Fishes

Jesus gained popularity among people that they followed him wherever He go. There was five thousand people, for us, it seems impossible to feed this population this big. But Jesus is a miracle worker, there is nothing impossible to him. There was boy who have five loaves and two fish, that’s all he have. Imagine this boy has these food for the whole day but he chose to share it anyway. By him sharing his blessings, his people was able to eat a good meal. There was unlimited food, there was even left overs!

Abraham’s Sacrifice Pleases God

Will you ever sacrifice your own child when God tells you so? When Abraham heard God’s instruction to sacrifice his own son Isaac, he wept because he knew that he doesn’t have the strength not to follow God’s request. With a heavy heart, he gave up his son Isaac but our loving Father who knows love more than anyone else withdrew his request. Did you know why God requested that in the first place? Because He wants to show that one day, He’ll have a son who he will give up to save mankind. He wants to express His love for you and me that He is willing to sacrifice His beloved to be with us.

The Woman In The Well

There was a woman in the well in the heat of the day. Do you know why she went there at that time of the day? It is because she was trying to avoid the crowd. The people dislike her because she has many lovers. During those times, people like her who is involve in multiple relationships was despised and condemned. One day, Jesus was so tired and thirsty. He saw this woman filling her jar with water. He asked for some water and the woman gave him one. What she got in return is 100 times more to what she gave. Jesus gave her redemption and salvation. He didn’t condemned her but made her realize how much God loves her.

The Poor Widow Who Relentlessly Give

Back in time, there was a big alter where you can offer your giving. Rich people compete to give the highest giving to impress other people. Because during that time, everyone could see how much you are giving or offering. People in politics take advantage of this so they can show their wealth and gain popularity. But there was one widow who gave her last coin. That’s all she has but gave it anyway. Her giving impressed Jesus among other fake givers. Jesus knew her heart so spoke blessings to her.