happy family

The accident

David is a good father and a provider to his family. His car was broken and doesn’t have enough cash to repair it. He needed to go to work that day so he used their scooter instead so won’t be late for work. While driving to work, there was a speeding car which hit him. The impact was so strong that David suffered to multiple injuries. He was rushed to Memorial Hermann Medical Center. His family was really worried about his condition. The can’t do anything but to pray.

Another circumstance that put their faith into test


On Memorial Day, a calamity hit Houston area. The Neumann savings was all spent on Davids medication and therapy. Here’s another trouble brewing for them, a flood that destroyed their home. They had termites, broken appliances and floors. They don’t know how they will ever be able to carry all the expenses after these two incidents.

Asking for help

Neumanns are a wonderful family whose hands are open for those in need. But they are on the other side of the table. They are the ones now who need help. David is responding well to therapies, and hopefully will be able to work again once his injuries fully healed. For now, they need our help. They have two children. Let us be light to this beautiful family and show how much God loves them.